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What anti vibration pipe supports are useful to stop your pipework from vibrating?

Pumps, chillers, generators, and other similar types of plant room equipment play a large role in vibration in pipework systems that are likely to have damaging effects. If left unaccounted for, these movements often result in excessive noise, equipment damage and damage to building structures. Vibration analysis is often not examined in detail during the planning and designing stage, as piping design codes (such as ASME B 31.3, B 31.1, B 31.4, B. 31.8, etc.) do not take vibrations into account. The team at Minikins offer a fast response, quote, and advise for your systems at any stage to avoid potential damages.

There are 3 different ways to prevent these issues from occurring: adding support to the main piping, adding damping to the main piping and adding extra support for valves.

Inertia bases are used to reduce noise and vibrations in plant room equipment by adding mass and lowering the centre of gravity to provide a thorough support unit. They work by providing all three solutions above to support movements. All our EMFLEX Inertia Bases and Mount Packages are designed to meet individual requirements. 

Our anti vibration solutions also include our range of spring and rubber mounts. Spring Mounts are designed to support pipework from beneath the mechanical equipment (either alone or alongside our Inertia Bases), while our Spring Hangers are used to reinforce pipework from above. 

You can read more about piping vibration here.

Is rubber good for absorbing vibrations?

Rubber is renowned for its key attributes of being a natural dampener of noise and vibrations. It works to both take the force of the natural movements to keep pipes sturdy, while significantly reducing the noise transmissions caused by external forces. For example, our EMFLEX Damping and Isolating Sheets consist of a thick rubber mat that can be used alone or in conjunction with a cast concrete inertia block sandwich to stop vibrations. It is for this reason that our experts will strive to use our anti-vibration products in conjunction with rubber bellows to produce an effective system that eliminates noise and vibrations. 

Reduce noise and vibrations with our expert guidance

The team here at Minikins are ready to help with your bespoke needs and requirements to reduce unwanted disruption and movements caused from your pipework. Simply get in touch with one of our trusty team members to learn more about how we’re able to help.

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