Flexible Connectors

Flexible Connectors

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What is a Flexible Connector?

Flexible connectors have multiple uses, the most common of which is to connect a piece of plant equipment to your pipework to eliminate noise & vibration transfer, another use of connectors can be on short pipework branches to allow for more flexibility.

Our range EMFLEX Flexible Connectors explained


Our Type BFC & BFCN are stainless steel multiply pump bellows. They offer a small amount of movement in all planes, meaning that they provide high suitability for vibration elimination. They are typically used for connecting a pump or piece of plant equipment to the adjoining pipework in higher pressure or higher temp environments. 

EMFLEX Type BFCN units come equipped with swivel flanges for ease of installation, and all wetted parts are fully stainless steel. These units can be provided with WRAS approval certs when required. 

EMFLEX BFCN units can also be supplied with fully stainless steel flanges perfect for a more corrosive environment. Our BFC units have fixed in-line carbon steel flanges, and are primarily for use on non-potable systems. These units can be manufactured to a range of lengths with a range of flange types to meet your specific requirements.


These connectors are stainless steel convoluted hoses. They provide a large amount of lateral movement and are highly flexible, which makes them suitable for use when the connecting points are not uniform. 

EMFLEX Type BBT & BBTN units come as standard, with male BSPT threaded ends, or can be manufactured with a large range of end fittings. 

Our Type BBF units are manufactured with fixed carbon steel flanges at either end, while Type BBFN units are manufactured with either fixed stainless steel flanges or swivel carbon steel flanges allowing for ease of install & all wetted parts to be stainless for use on potable systems. All these units are also available insulated when requested.


These connectors consist of rubber hoses with a stainless steel over braid. Similar to our other types, our Type RH offers a high level of flexibility in the lateral plane. These units are used as connections for fan coil units or similar equipment, and come with a large amount of end fitting options that can be insulated if required.

How can Minikins help?

With over 40 years of trusted service, the team at Minikins are here to help you solve any of your complex thermal expansion needs in your HWS and LTHW systems. Simply send your designs over to one of our team members, and our experts will do the rest. 

With every enquiry, you’ll be provided with cost-effective solutions, marked-up drawings, technical advice from our experts, full design and supply information and ISO quality approved products.

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