Flexible Hoses

What are flexible hoses?

Flexible hoses are used in piping systems to transfer fluid between two different points. There are different types of hoses, each with their own unique purpose. For example, our EMFLEX Catering Equipment Hose, which typically consists of a stainless steel hose and plastic cover, are manufactured for catering purposes and are installed between the main supply and the catering appliance, while our EMFLEX Braided Flexible Connectors are used to suppress vibrations among other key purposes. Despite their differences, flexible hoses are all manufactured to support movements in pipelines. 

What needs to be considered before installing flexible hoses?

Our experts will examine your design works to determine if it’s suitable to use flexible hoses to support your pipework. Despite hoses being easy to install, the following precautions will be considered:

  • Ensuring that the hose is not at risk of twisting, and any movements will only result in the hose bending.
  • The length of hose accommodates any offset and movements.
  • Installation space is adequate for the length of hose.
  • Sharp bends are avoided, and the allowed minimum bend radius is followed. 
  • Maximum working pressures are followed.
  • Maximum temperatures of the material are followed.

All flexible connectors have a maximum service life, meaning that they’re subject to ageing. The team at Minikins will provide guidance and support throughout the life of our EMFLEX products to ensure that they continue working at their highest performance with minimum deterioration for longer.

A high-quality service that’s guaranteed with Minikins

Let our experts solve your LTHW system needs for any design to save you time and reduce costs for valuable projects. With every enquiry received, we will provide free marked-up designs, product information, installation information, guidance on care and maintenance for your products, and much more.We also offer on-site visits by one of our experts to ensure that our EMFLEX products have been installed correctly and are working to their best ability. You can learn more about the services we offer here, or simply get in touch to talk with one of our team members today.

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