Water Treatment

What are Dosing Pots?

Cleaning your pipework systems is an important part of the care and maintenance of your chilled and hot water systems that ensures the durability and long working life of your pipes. That is why dosing pots are an essential component to your pipework systems to feed through chemicals that clean and protect the interior of your pipes. They provide a safe way to add chemical solutions, such as corrosion restrictors, to closed water systems with no disruption or expensive industrial cleaning. Chilled and hot water systems can simply be dosed/cleaned on a regular basis.

Dosing pots are usually installed across the flow and return lines and work by isolating a portion of the system water that is drained and replaced with the chemical used to clean the system. When turned on, this chemical is flushed through to clean the interior pipework. 

All of our EMFLEX Dosing Pots consist of a steel shell with two valves; one for inlet (return) and the other for outlet (flow). This includes a safety valve that prevents fluid from escaping under pressure. 

Our Dosing Pots come fully assembled to save you time during installation. Simply connect to your system, and they’re ready to use. 

How can I filter out air and dirt from my HWS and LTHW systems?

Air and dirt can be filtered out of your pipework systems using one of our EMFLEX Air and Dirt Separators, which work to effectively filter out bubbles and dirt that may disrupt your systems and damage your water quality. If left untreated, dirt build-up or bubbles can cause problems to your water flow or cause irreparable damage that result in system failures. 

If you’re looking to remove air from your heating or hot water systems, then our EMFLEX Microbubble Air Separators are most suitable for you. This unit will ensure the elimination of air which is present in the system, along with any air that’s dissolved in the system water. 

Alternatively to remove dirt, you can use our EMFLEX Dirt Separators. This unit is effective at removing all impurities from heating and cooling systems in buildings through gravitating out the solid particles that are heavier than the system water. 

A more cost effective solution to look after your pipework systems is to use our multi-purpose EMFLEX Microbubble Air & Dirt Separators. This dual function works to remove all gasses from the system water and trapping dirt particles that are then removed by flushing. 

How can Minikins Help?

Our experts are here to help you find the most suitable product for your pipework systems. We’ll do all the calculations for you, including ensuring that all positionings of air and dirt separators are in conjunction with Henry’s Law, to ensure that installation and use can be as quick and cost-effective as possible.

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