Stainless Steel Pump Bellows

What are stainless steel pump bellows?

Stainless steel expansion joints are used in pipework systems including plants, chemical, steam, fluid distribution, and more, to absorb thermal expansion movements and vibrations. If left unaccounted for, these movements and vibrations could have severe damaging effects on pipelines, and result in costly maintenance and replacements within the system. 

Differing from our EMFLEX Rubber Bellows, our stainless steel pump bellows consist of  a stainless steel convoluted core with ‘tied’ or ‘untied’ flanges. They are selected for high temperature pumps where conventional rubber flexible connectors do not have sufficient temperature capability, typically over 100 degrees celsius. Our EMFLEX Type BFC bellows are suitable for steam and hot water heating use, while our EMFLEX Type BFCN can be used on copper pipelines for condensate and domestic hot water. 

It’s important that stainless steel bellows are installed at the pump suction and discharge connections. The tie rods prevent elongation due to the internal pressure thrust. You can learn more about this product, including design temperatures, working pressures, material specifications and more by viewing our data sheets

Why are bellows used in piping?

Stainless steel pump bellows are used in piping to absorb thermal expansion movements and vibrations from plant room equipment, such as pumps, chillers and other similar types of machinery. They are advantageous for reducing noise and isolating vibrations which may otherwise cause significant damage to the pipework system.

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