Inertia Bases / Plant Room Isolation

What are Inertia Bases?

Inertia bases are custom made steel frames used beneath mechanical equipment to improve stability while reducing noise and vibrations. They are designed to receive concrete bases that provide a stable support unit for plant room equipment. Our EMFLEX Bases are typically used in conjunction with our Spring Mounts to provide an ideal noise and vibration reduction system.

Why choose our EMFLEX products?

All our EMFLEX Inertia Bases are custom-manufactured to meet your individual requirements, and are suitable for any mechanical equipment such as pumps, air handling units, chillers, booster sets, compressors and more. This will help to guarantee that our products will fit in any space, no matter how restrictive. 

Once delivered to site, your inertia base will come pre-prepared ready for filling with concrete. Our experts will provide all the essential details to ensure the quick and easy installation of our products.

Receive a free expert consultation for any project

Once you’ve sent your equipment schedule to us, our experts will use their skills and knowledge to calculate and select all inertia bases and relevant spring mounts for your requirement. This allows us to give you the best and most cost effective products. You’ll receive marked-up drawings, product guidance and installation information, on-site support and more. 

If you have any questions regarding our products, installation advice or more, simply call, email or live chat with one of our team members to receive quick help and support. We’re here to help with any project. 

Getting in touch with one of our experts has never been easier. Simply click on our Contact Us page and send over any enquiries to our experts. Alternatively, you can call us on 01423 326 789. 

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