Spring Hangers

What are Spring Hangers?

Spring hangers consist of a large steel spring inside a frame that supports pipework from above. When the load is applied to the spring, the spring expands as per spring stiffness to support the pipework or machinery below. Similar to Spring Mounts, they work to reduce unwanted noise and vibrations from pipework systems that can be damaging to connected pipework and/or building structures. They are attached directly to a structural component located above the pipework or machinery, and provide a 99% efficiency rate in reducing vibrations. 

Alongside dampening unwanted movements, the main functions of a spring hanger is to provide balance and support to the piping system and permit the operational movement of the pipe during temperature changes. Our experts will ensure that your hangers are suited to meet a hot or cold load for balance to cater for your pipework systems. The loads of a spring hanger can also change throughout the operating cycle. To ensure that your pipework is protected, we will predict the load operating conditions to determine the most suitable support. 

Our range of EMFLEX Spring Hangers

Our EMFLEX Spring Hangers supports pipe weights and restricts movement to reduce potential damages. They may be suspended from drop rods above or bolted directly to the soffit or surrounding slab. 

In contrast, our EMFLEX Positioned Spring Hangers are designed specifically for your pipework systems. This means that it’s easier to level the pipework, and the drop rod is hung from the plate so that the system can be levelled without putting any load on the spring. Once the system is levelled and filled with water, the load can be wound into each spring individually until the system is ‘floating’. 

We also offer Ductwork Rubber Hangers, which are an economic solution for isolating building services ductwork from the structure. They are manufactured specifically for your pipework systems, and are available for load ratings up to a maximum of 200kg per hanger. The rubber turret element will compress proportionally to the actual load applied. 

How to get in contact with one of our team members

It’s quick and simple to get in contact with one of our team members. You can use our Contact Us page to send one of our experts an email, which includes an easy drag-and-drop feature to quickly upload your design work for any project. Our experts will respond to you the same day. We also have a live-chat feature on our Homepage to talk instantly with one of our team members.

Alternatively, you can call us on 01423 326 789.

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