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Rubber Turret Mounts

Product Code: MNR

EMFLEX rubber turret mounts are used beneath mechanical equipment, either alone or in conjunction with inertia bases, to minimise the transmission of noise and vibration to the building structure. They are also used for snubbing of rocking modes with plant and as isolators for floating floors etc. They are available for load ratings up to a maximum of 1200kg per mount. The rubber element will compress proportionally to the actual load applied; ie full compression will be achieved when a load is applied which is equal to the load rating. The fixing bolt allows ease of fixing to inertia bases, plant frames and other equipment items.

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Anti vibration mounts are essential components for reducing noise and vibrations caused from heavy machinery and equipment, increasing machinery lifespan, protecting surrounding structures and more. They work by simply absorbing the vibrations, which in turn eliminates any sound. Placed beneath mechanical equipment, rubber mounts can be used alone or in conjunction with our inertia bases.

Rubber mounts are a valuable solution for noise and vibration elimination due to their low cost and high efficiency. Our EMFLEX Type MNR Rubber Turret Mounts can be easily bolted to inertia bases, plant machinery frames and other types of mechanical equipment. 

The team at Minikins offer a full comprehensive service to support you with your anti vibration needs. We provide full design analysis, marked-up drawings, vibration analysis, site support and more. We strive to provide the best possible prices for your products to ensure customer satisfaction. Simply send us an enquiry for a quick response from one of our team members, or call us on 01423 326 789.

To learn more about our anti vibration mounts, explore our data sheets or get in contact with one of our team members.

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