Pipe Anchors

What are pipe anchors?

A pipe anchor is a type of pipe support that fixes the system in place to ensure that pipes are unable to move, bend or bow as a result of internal or external forces. There are no other alternatives to pipe anchors, meaning that they are one of the most important components of supporting your pipework systems in order to reduce the risk of damage and thoroughly control the forces of thermal expansion. By controlling the movement of pipes, anchors are essential to ensuring the durability and performance of pipeline systems. 

Minikins supply 2 main types of anchors. Type CAB/N Cleated Anchor Brackets utilise a clamped arrangement to hold the pipework secure. Type THOR-S Anchor Bracket uses a flange drilling connection which is used on much higher forces to ensure there is no slipping of the pipework.

Once our team has received your designs, our technical experts will work to find the most suitable location for your pipe supports. This is usually determined by calculating a neutral point in the system with the lowest thermal load with consideration to pipe materials, support loads, corrosion resistance and more. All design work will be thoroughly examined and returned with the recommended mark-up of support brackets added on how to protect your pipelines. We will also provide installation instructions, product care guidance, data sheets and more.

What type of EMFLEX pipe anchors are best suited for my systems?

Our Type CAB/N Cleated Anchor Brackets are our most popular product for pipe anchoring and are suitable for copper, stainless steel and carbon steel pipework systems. Used in conjunction with our axial bellows and twin clip slide guide sets, these anchors contribute towards implementing the ideal pipe support system that alleviates your expansion issues.. 

Where our type CAB/N brackets can’t be used, we recommended exploring our THOR-S Brackets. Designed for heavy weight purposes, these single flanged brackets cater for higher forces and prevent movement in pipes in the form of a fixed point support. This EMFLEX THOR-S anchor has a mechanical fix by bolting through half of the flange clearance holes, and clamping the anchor to the pipe flange connection. 

Saddle Anchor Clamps are primarily used to stop axial movements in pipework systems and are typically installed at both ends of a pipework system with an expansion bellows fixed in the centre. This allows pipes to move in conjunction with thermal expansion in a longitude direction, where the expansion bellows provide room for expansion and contraction. 

How can I receive expert help quickly?

If you’re looking for quick, reliable advice on how to support and protect your LTHW, HTHW or HWS systems, then simply head over to our Contact Us page and fill out the enquiry form. Here, you can quickly drag-and-drop your project designs and add any additional notes. 

Alternatively, our team is also available to help using our instant chat feature. This provides quick advice from one of our experts for any enquiry.

We’re also available by phone on 01423 326 789.

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