Pipe Guides

What are pipe guides?

Slide Guides, referred to as pipe guides, are a type of pipe support that help to control the axial movement in pipelines. They are used to prevent the buckling or shifts of a pipe to facilitate thermal expansion, and ensure that the pipes are directed towards the expansion joint. For this reason, pipe guides are used in conjunction with anchors and expansion bellows to ensure the safe and controlled natural movement of pipes in LTHW systems. 

The guide works as a constraint to prevent the pipework from bending or bowing to ensure that the pipes move in an axial direction. Instead, pipes will simply move back and forwards in line with thermal expansion. 

Our standard EMFLEX Slide Guides and Rubber Clip Sets are essential for the correct operation of AXIAL type expansion joints. Type SS can be used on steel pipework for low pressure hot water, while type SSN is suitable for domestic and hot water use on copper pipes. 

Our EMFLEX Heavy Duty Slide Guide Set is for use on movements between 25mm and 50mm, with movements of 75mm available on request. Valuable for preventing bending in your pipework systems, this product can be used on steel pipework (Type SSHD) for HTHW and steam, or on copper pipelines (Type SSHDN) for Domestic Water Services and Hot Water Services. 

Where should a slide guide be placed in pipework?

The first slide guides are typically installed within a distance of 4 diameters of the expansion bellows, while the second are usually located within 14 pipe diameters of the first pipe guide. These are primary guides, meaning that they may require additional intermediate guides to be installed in other areas of the pipework. Our experts at Minikins will take into account the whole length of pipe, the placement of the appropriate expansion bellows and the weight load to locate the ideal location for pipe guides to operate correctly.

How the team at Minikins can help you

Our experts will examine your designs to calculate the exact position for your pipe guides to ensure that your pipes are able to move easily with thermal expansion. This will contribute towards the durability and long service life of your pipework. The more catered movements are in your pipework, the healthier life span your systems will have. 

Simply send your design work over to one of our team members to receive free expert help and guidance to secure and stabilise your pipework.

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