Full Faced Rubber Handbuilt


EMFLEX Full Faced Rubber Handbuilt Rubber Flexible Connectors

EMFLEX full faced rubber flexible connectors are comprised of a synthetic rubber membrane reinforced with synthetic fibre. The membrane finishes with a full face behind which are carbon steel split backing flanges. The rubber face is drilled to match the flange table. They are capable of absorbing movement in several directions; axial compression, axial elongation and lateral deflection. A small amount of angular movement may also be allowed. They are designed to allow for movements in pipework systems due to thermal changes. This relieves stresses, protects machinery attached to the pipework, and thus lengthens the life of the whole system. Their ability to flex axially and laterally also allows for isolation of vibration, reduction in noise transmission and compensation for pipework misalignment.

These flexible connectors are custom built to suit the requirements of pressure and temperature.

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