Calcium Hardwood Block


Calcium Hardwood Block

Important: Manufacturer’s Installation Guideline

When installing it is crucial that the non-load bearing insulation is fixed tight to the calcium and hardwood
block to prevent any air flow. While the calcium block is sandwiched firmly between two insulation it is necessary for a foil tape to be applied which will act as a vapor seal. Sufficient foil tape is supplied by Minikin & Sons to ensure a suitable seal can be formed with every calcium line hardwood block.


Engineering methods to control dust emissions are preferred. Effective exhaust ventilation must be in place
when drilling or cutting. Avoid inhalation of dust. The use of high speed cutting tools should be avoided unless suitable dust control or extraction can be demonstrated.


Minikin & Sons insists you keep in dry place and protect from acid and store away from other liquids. There is no special labelling or storage conditions necessary.

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